HET M1070 A1 with M1000 Trailer

Presented here is the long awaited 1:50th scale HET M1070 A1 military prime mover with M1000 transporter which has been manufactured by TWH Collectibles for Sword Precision Scale Models. The wait has certainly been worth it as Sword have provided us with another fantastic and highly detailed replica.

Starting with the trailer, everywhere you look, you are greeted with small details, from the tiny warning text printed here and there to the small details like the tie-down rings, opening compartments and grab handles.

The trailer has four drop down support legs which are kept in place by the locking bars which insert into the holes. These are connected to small chains and are P shaped with the front legs having winding handle detailing. There is also an opening compartment on the side (Pictured above)

The rear of the trailer features fold down ramps which are tensioned as they lower down so that they remain lowered on their own but very easily move back up. This has been captured very well on the model and demonstrates the great levels of engineering that have gone into producing the model. Each ramp can be adjusted widthways to accommodate different vehicle widths and have grab handles and a locking chain fixed to them.

The main deck of the trailer has some very good defined panelling with a line of tie-down rings along each edge.

There is a pivoting single sheeve load block mounted centrally at the rear of the trailer to assist with loading / unloading of equipment manually which is another nice addition on the model.

There is a control compartment at the front of the trailer with a fold down cover which reveals three hydraulic control levers. There are also flexible lines along the underside of the trailer with lines also fixed to the gooseneck hydraulics

The underside of the trailer is also fully replicated with each set of wheels mounted to a pivoting arm which, in turn connects to the trailer frame with each one linked together to provide the realistic and fully functional, all be it very stiff steering of the trailer. The wheels are freely rotating with authentic treaded rubber tyres.

The gooseneck frame has integrated steps leading up and over onto the tractor unit and the top two can be raised up to reveal more fine detailing. Each side of the gooseneck has a non-functioning replicated winch roller structure with both horizontal and vertical rollers added. The angle of the neck does have a small amount of adjustment from the two small hydraulic pistons which allows easy coupling to the tractor.

Moving onto the HET M1070 A1, this is without a doubt one of the most interesting and highly detailed tractor unit replicas so far produced. Every inch of the model appears to have been authentically modelled, from the engine, cab and drivetrain through to the fifth wheel coupling and winch housing.

The underside of the chassis is packed with detail, starting with the front axle which is mounted to a leaf spring suspension bar with drive shaft between the axle and transmission box. Each of the rear axles also have drive shafts fitted (As pictured above)

The chassis frame has all the bolt head fixing details cast into the surfaces with fully replicated and functional sprung loaded suspension, with the fifth wheel coupling mounted far back on the chassis with a raised frame placed on top of the chassis to aid easy coupling of the trailer. A pintle hitch is fitted to the end frame along with shackles and flexible mud guards which have an embossed Oshkosh logo.

The tyres have a very defined tread pattern with intricately cast wheel hub covers which give the model a rugged appearance. The front and rear axle have a degree of steering movement whilst the central pair of axles are fixed.

The winch platform mounted behind the cab is exceptionally well detailed with three operable winches which require the supplied winding key to extend the rope.

The mesh protective screens and textured walkways all add to the level of realism, as do the coiled service lines.

The large cab has a replicated interior which is visible through the front windows and opening side doors, which have fold out rear view mirrors.

The roof has an air conditioning unit with photo-etched grill whilst the single exhaust stack is located behind the cab, complete with photo-etched cooling jacket.

The large and angular bonnet can be tilted forward to reveal the replicated engine compartment. The front photo-etched grill looks good with the Oshkosh logo prominently displayed. The cramped confines of the engine bay are clearly evident from all the engine components tightly packed with the lifting frame coupling points extending through slots in the top of the bonnet.

Access to the cab is achieved with the steps integrated into the large fuel tank which have textured anti-slip surfaces with a small ladder giving access to the rear platform.

There are numerous tiny printed safety and warning markings throughout the model and these also greatly add to the level of realism.

This model has taken a long time to be developed and released and I have to say it has been well worth the wait. Every aspect of the model appears to have been captured perfectly with an excellect paint finish, perfectly matched to the HEMTT.

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