1:50th Scale Oshkosh P-Series 4x4 Tractor

Presented here is an interesting custom of the 1:50th scale Oshkosh P-series 3-axle which has been converted into a heavy duty tractor unit, complete with headacke rack and functional fifth wheel coupling which is fixed to the chassis and has a functioning pin locking lever, allowing any of the Sword range of trailers to be coupled up.

The model features realistic rubber tyres with detailed tread pattern and fully working steering on all three axles allowing crab steering to be performed. The flexible rubber mud guards have the Oshkosh logo printed on them and there is a pintle hitch fixed to the rear frame for more towing possibilities.

The cab interior is visible through the clear windows and opening doors and features everything found on the real machine, down to the smallest details like the windscreen wipers on the front and side windows, the lights and warning beacon fitted to the roof and the detailed rear view mirrors. What is surprising is that every detail on the model is made from metal and there is hardly any plastic.

The engine covers on each side of the bonnet can be opened to reveal the detailed Caterpillar engine block and associated components. The front grill is etched and the radiator can be clearly seen inside.

The drive train is fully reproduced and links the engine to the front and rear axles through the transmission block.

All axles are authentically sprung to provide fully working suspension with detailed wheel hubs and flexible hose lines.

The chromed headache rack has been fitted to the chassis and has various fixing brackets and chains mounted on the storage hooks for added realism with coiled service lines extending out from beneath the cab.

The paint finish is excellent and all warning labels and markings have been added to the model. The front of the model features a mounting frame so anyone already owning the original P-Series truck with snow plow will be able to connect the plow to the front of this truck. This model is a special order and only a limited number will be produced.