Abrams M1A1HA Main Battle Tank

Presented here is the 1:55th scale Abrams M1 main battle tank which has been released by Sword to accompany the HET military transporter.

The model is a mixture of resin and metal with a nice heavy feel to it. The tracks are flexible rubber with pad detailing moulded into them with rotating road wheels and drive sprockets.

The upper turret rotates with the main gun pivoting whilst the various storage racks and baskets around the turret are nicely cast with plenty of detail, complete with two machine guns on the roof of the turret.

The casting has a lot of fine detailing with authentic markings throughout and a perfect colour match to the HET and HEMTT. The model is available in two versions, desert tan and camouflage and 1000 of each version have been produced.

Despite the scale difference, the model does not look too bad when placed on the bed of the M1000 tank transporter, as pictured below. There are no details on the packaging as to the company that has manufactured the model however, it is make in China

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M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank - Camouflage




M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank - Desert Tan