1:50th Scale Mack Granite with Etnyre Spreading Body

Presented here is the Mack Granite 3-axle truck chassis with Etnyre tar spreading body from Sword. The model is of die-cast metal construction and is surprisingly heavy for it's size with exquisite detailing throughout, accurately capturing all the realism of the full sized truck.

The accurately sculptured engine cover with chromed front trim, side grills and centrally mounted hood ornament opens forward a little to reveal the fully detailed engine bay inside. The bonnet has integrated headlights with amber painted indicator lights and below this is the curved chromed bumper bar which extends out to protect the hydraulic pump motor fitted to the transmission. Because of this, the engine cover does not fully open as it does with the Titan bodied Mack Granite.

Exhaust piping, water cooled radiator, complete with modelled cooling fan, air filter and the main engine block have been authentically reproduced within the engine bay. Cutouts in the side of the bonnet house black cooling grills whilst the wheel arches have been coloured black.


Beneath the model, the full drivetrain to the rear axles has been authentically replicated with air tanks and flexible hydraulic hoses also present. The tyres have an intricate moulded pattern which is very crisp and clearly shows the different groove patterns in the treads. Large rubber flaps are fitted to the rear of the model with the Etnyre logos printed on them.

The metal covers over the rear wheels have integrated storage compartments with finely cast door handles with a manual applicator tool and yellow hose stored neatly into holders above. A tank is also fitted to the chassis with highlighted filler cap and flexible hoses which lead to the rear of the model.

The cab roof has five amber lights  fitted with a yellow visor fixed above the front windscreen. Two rectangular profiled and chromed air horns are mounted to the roof.

The metal mirrors need adding to the model and fit into the three holes in the cab doors. Both cab doors open to reveal the intricately captured interior which has detailed dashboard with simulated panelling, steering wheel, controls and dials all captured.

The seats appear to be sprung and have an intricate printed pattern on the main wear surfaces which is a nice touch on the model, as is the fire extinguisher and the tiny printing for total authenticity.

The chromed exhaust stack risees up from beneath the cab and is masked with a perforated photo-etched jacket with integrated grab rail while chromed fuel tanks with integrated access steps are located on both sides of the chassis, along with the air tanks for the braking system.

The spray bars on each side of the frame pivot up into a transport configuration and the entire frame has a little side-to-side movement. Each spray nozzle has been highlighted with a gold coloured paint with intricate flexible hosing added to the spray bars which really does add to the level of realism.

The main hatch on the top of the tank is hinged and can be opened. There is also an etched walkway which has a very authentic anti-slip ridged texture with a ladder fixed to the rear of the tank with authentic scaled handrails.

Dials and hose hookup connections are located on the rear of the tank with a guage and handle located on the left hand side. the printing of the dials is exceptional with authentic markings despite the tiny sizes. There are also a number of safety and warning labels throughout which are equally well printed.

The model reviewed here is finished in a yellow colour scheme with a laquered and silver finished tank with smooth and even paint coverage and crisp printing of the Mack and Etnyre details. The model is also available with a red cab, white cab or black cab. The model is pictured below alongside the Mack Granite with Titan flatbed tipper body which is also available.

Mack Granite with Titan Body